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Friday, January 27, 2006

10 Months.

Cathy is 10 months old now, as of yesterday.
The most recent pictures of her are trapped in a camera phone with no means as of yet to move to the computer, so here's one of her Christmas pictures.. she looks just the same outwardly...
Hidden tho, are her 4 new teeth.
She got her first one just after Christmas and is already up to 4!
She knows just what to do with them... Bite Mommy and Daddy's fingers, of course!
..She just looks like an angel. :)

Cathy still doesn't realize it, but she can stand and balance completely on her own now. She will be standing, holding onto the crib watching TV, then pull her hands back, and balance with just a bit of a wobble, still watching TV.
It won't be long before she figures out she can move that way too.
Still no real words... Just lotsa Baaa's, laughs, and random sounds.

Current weight 20lbs, Length 28 inches.


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