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Friday, January 27, 2006

Cathy's first 9 months... Month 7-8

We have no studio pictures of Cathy during this time frame. With the hit or miss quality we've had with the pictures, it's hard to take the time and $ to have them made.
Some friends of ours took pictures of her with their digital camera that I will post here, I've misplaced the CD, however... Not lost! It will turn up!
At which point the best of them will get posted here.

During this time frame, Cathy continued to drool like crazy... She'd learned to sit up like a pro!
While in her crib, one of the games she played is 'Attica'... a game whereby one holds a hard toy, such as a can, and rubs it back and forth over the crib bars. clang clang clang! She continues with this game presently.
By Thanksgiving, she'd learned an odd means of crawling.. I called it 'lurching'. It worked just fine for getting around, thank-you very much!
Little CAT had also discovered how fun it was to sit in Grandma's floor and rip up real-estate magazines.
She also began to stand herself up in her crib, and proceed to climb on top of any toy she could find.
While doing this on November 7th, while Mommy had the rail in her crib down, Cathy managed to take flight for real. Mommy was right there, and caught her on the way down, so she still hasn't learned a fear of gravity.
-Best flight ever!-
Her vocabulary over this time has gone through various phases. Her first "word" was "Laaaaa", however she changed to "aamaa amaaa maaa", briefly, went to "ABaaaa ABaaa" very quickly, and had kept to this one for a good while. "aaad aaad addd" also surfaced, mixed in with "daa daa daa"... none of her words seem to mean to her what we would take them to mean yet... but she loved saying them. Repeatedly.. Until she decided to change to another word for a few days or a couple of weeks.


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