Once upon a time, there was a man named RAT. RAT was lonely, being on his own in the harsh world, and he wanted to find the one to spend his life with. Then one day RAT met his CAT and they married and were very happy together. But a long time passed, and they felt like something was missing. Almost eight years later, they were finally fulfilled by the arrival of Little CAT. She's who this page is all about. Visit here to see her life as it unfolds, and pictures of the rat and his two cats.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Cathy's first 9 months... Month 3-4

Cathy's photos for this time frame I still need to scan. I will update this post with them when they are available. For now, here's a collage my mother created using them. The age and I believe the date are wrong on them however. The photos were MUCH better than to 2 month old ones.

For a brief, shining moment during this time... 4-5 weeks... Little CAT was sleeping through the night. Alas. That did not last. During her waking hours, Baby CAT began to show her developing personality. Cathy discovered her love for flying. The Best thing in the world to her was, and still is, to be lofted high in the air swooping left and right, and buzzing the top of peoples heads. Baby CAT also acquired the nickname Droolia during this time period. I think she drooled out more fluids than she drank. Makes you wonder how she had any left over for her diapers! But.. she did. :)


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