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Friday, January 27, 2006

Cathy's first 9 months... Month 1-2

four pictures at 2 months.
Cathy was very active and alert in her first 2 months. She was a very social baby. By 2 months she was always smiling at every new face she saw, although you wouldn't know it by the portraits we had done that month.
It took an hour after our appointment time before they could get to us, by which time the baby who'd had a delightful time all day was a miserable grouch. They didn't have a way to keep the baby upright while taking photos, just the 'sack of potatoes' method.
If you see a photographer doing this with your child, stop them and go somewhere else... by the time you see the pictures a month later, it's too late.
All 3 of us, lil CAT at 2 months.
Cathy was also born standing.
Well, not quite. But she could support her own head at birth, and when we tryed the 'sit up' exercises with her, when we pulled her hands she'd stand instead of sit, and grin reeeal big.
When we would hold her, instead of being cuddly, she would twist around and stand in your arms so she could see the world.
Yes, her In Utero Soccer practice stood her in good stead.
The portraits in this post were taken at age 2 months, in our local S...s department store portrait studio.


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