Once upon a time, there was a man named RAT. RAT was lonely, being on his own in the harsh world, and he wanted to find the one to spend his life with. Then one day RAT met his CAT and they married and were very happy together. But a long time passed, and they felt like something was missing. Almost eight years later, they were finally fulfilled by the arrival of Little CAT. She's who this page is all about. Visit here to see her life as it unfolds, and pictures of the rat and his two cats.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Cathy's first 9 months... Month 5-6

When Cathy was 6 months old, she was able to hold her own bottle. That's pretty impressive when the bottle is almost as big as you are!

During this time frame, Little CAT also learned to hold toys and various objects, and could play with things by a means other than kicking.
Kicking was still great tho.

Also, at this point, she was able to barely sit up. she could balance about 3 seconds before falling. Just a short time previously, she didn't understand the point of 'sit' when she could stand! (with assistance) We used a seat in the portraits to be safe.

For the 6 month pictures, we went to the same place that provided the excellent 3-4 month pictures, only we asked for them on disk instead of printed. I do not know what they do differently when they print, but the portraits are definately sub-par. Would you believe that's a white dress?


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