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Friday, January 27, 2006

Cathy's first 9 months... Month 9.

The photos of Cathy for 9 months are trapped in a camera phone I got Nov 30 with no means as of yet to move to the computer. I have to buy or receive a cable to get the camera phone pictures from my camera. I should aquire this in late February, soon after which I will post her pictures here. I hope they look good!

As December came around, Cathy finally learned to go to sleep when not being held by Mommy or Daddy, even just for a nap. She did it reluctantly, but she did it. How wonderful. And now, when she wakes up at night, wanting fed, she just goes back to sleep upon being given her bottle.
Still no uninterupted nights of sleep for the child or parents, but much better.
Baby CAT's vocabulary at this point was still very heavy on the "baaa Baaa's" but she mixes in a much wider variety of sounds . She's finally tiring of the 2$ kicky toy her grandma bought for her at a garage sale.. That thing's been Momma's best freind when she wanted Little CAT pleasantly distracted for ages. At least other toys and cans to drum on are a decent substitute.. along with the TV running on something interesting that's been her constant companion during her infancy. Bad mom. (So much for raising a non-couch potatoe. but, hey.. she watches food network! That's educational!)
When put on the floor, baby CAT can crawl with a real crawl now.
Towards the end of December, when Cathy stood in her crib, she could lean on the rail without holding on and do other things with her hands, like clap her hands, orbend over and pick up a toy.. although that one often ends with her falling over. Usually painlessly.


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